Join Investment Mode

1. Join investment is mainly for provincial and multi-area exclusive distribution, secondary area agency as subsidiary. Based on actual situation of each province, we will select distributor or agent with superior financial strength, sound distribution network, high social recognition and their commitment on our brand and corporate culture. 

2. In areas with poor economic conditions or no workable distributors, we will develop franchised shops, allowing us to continue seeking for suitable distributors for temporary vacancy. But rendering to nearby distributor as attached policy will not be allowed. 


Market Guarantee

1. Josoo will enforce pricing protection policy to all distributors. Regional distributors are allowed to purchase cargoes at the set price if they have balance in our company when our supply prices rise. When the supply prices drop, distributors who arrange remittance already can enjoy the updated prices. Delivered cargoes will be settled on original set price. We will not reimburse.

2. During product selling, if quality problem arises in certain lot, all regional distributors can apply product exchange based on real situation. 


After-sales Service

According to national “ Three guarantee” policy on home appliances,vulnerable parts will be offered freely. Some parts allow replacement with new. As per market exploit status, we will set up after-sale exclusive shops to offer after-sale service. 

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