Management System support

We offer customized full-scale market initiate plan, solving distributors’ problems in starting business, including training and operation management on salesmen, establishment of network, management policy and agreement, customers filing management, management norms and promotion plan for new shops. 


Physical supply support

  1. Free franchisees certification medal, advertising film, after-sale service manual
  2. Free product booklet, advertising folding and single page in proportion.
  3. Terminal image advertising material and gift like umbrella, apron, shopping bags


Terminal setting-up support

  1. Free design on image and standardized terminal image advertising materials.
  2. Financial support and event planing on terminal activity

Training support

  1. Set up advanced training system, help activate growing-up of distributors’ business team, get them ready for new business in short time.
  2. Training on product, marketing, selling technique, after-sale service. 


Model market support

Based on market sales status and scale, we will choose model market and offer our utmost support.


After-sale service support

  1. Full-dimension and full chain advisory assistance: offer timely, efficient, thoughtful after-sale service to clients, removing distributors’ concerns and worries in time.
  2. Quality problem solution: Products with quality defects in certain lot will be replaced in 7 working days after verification
  3. Periodical visit on distributors
  4. Free supply of vulnerable parts
  5. Financial support on after-sale parts


Sales promotion support

  1. Reinforce brand promotion and build strong brand recognition.
  2. Provide effective promotion plan including centralizing resources for market penetration
  3. Financial support
  4. Regular holidays sales promotion support


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