1. Phenomenon: connect power cord, power fuses get burn immediately

Reason and solution: 1, there is water in rice cooker outlet that causes a short-circuit. This kind of situation can be solved after the socket is swabbed clean and kee dry  2, rice cooker or plug surface carbide electric socket, in this case you'd better replace the plug from the socket although if it is not serious, carbide can be cleaned up, also can be used temporarily. 


Phenomenon: Can't cook rice
Reason and solution: 1, the power supply wire break. Check the power supply wire with multimeter of ohm. 2, fuse current-limiting resistance. This kind of situation is rare. Right now usable multimeter ohm block to check the resistance. If the resistance of the fuse must be replaced with the same current limiting resistor, cannot careless. 3, hot dish hair heat pipe burn out. At this point the multimeter ohm block to check hair heat pipe, if the circuit can change the new model of hot plate


Phenomenon: Rawish meal cooking
Maintenance: this fault is the permanent magnetic ring within the limit of probe is commonly caused by magnetic force weakened. Lead can open rice cooker is limited when the warm check whether magnetic ring fracture, how the suction. If damaged, can only change new magnetic steel


Cook paste rice
Maintenance: this failure could be insulation switch the normally closed contact of sintering stick together. Although cooking good after the limit of probe is also jumped out, but the insulation switch continues to heat pipes electricity, the meal is burnt. Use a knife to separate the contact at this time, then use a sandpaper will contact surface is clean


Phenomenon: Cook a meal can't heat preservation

Maintenance: this failure could be insulation switch the normally closed contact of the surface dirt or ablation, the touch point contact resistance is too large, contact closure caused circuit impassability, hair heat pipe does not work. Available at this time a sandpaper will contact surface clean, smooth. If the ablation serious, can only change new insulation switch


Maintenance is important to note that when rice cooker rice cooker work due to the internal by high voltage, and the internal most components are exposed, so maintenance make sure each pass without touching the husk of rice cooker with high voltage components. After the completion of maintenance, must use the multimeter ohm block x 10 k block measurement plug and the insulation resistance of the rice cooker shell has infinite must ensure that can be carried out only after use