Time: on 12th, December, 2012
Location: the conference room
Participant: the Supervisor of each department. Compere : Boss Zhang


  1. Keep improving corporate culture

With the coming of winter, Josoo prepares each staff a new winter uniform. The uniform is required to be worn each day. Unified uniform offers not only a good mental outlook for all employees, but also a good reflection of excellent corporate culture. 


Quality first, ensuring timely delivery at the year of this year

End of the year is approaching and peak season of order is coming. We need to strictly monitor each production stage to make sure stability of product quality. Boss Zhang mentioned: quality is the life of an enterprise. Without quality guarantee, development is nonsense. Although mission in this period is tough, we need to guarantee quality, so as to maintain the good momentum of cooperation with new and old clients.


Speed up E-commerce platform

E-commerce is the mainstream of future manufacturing direction. Setting-up of E-commerce platform is focus of our work in 2013. Currently we are setting up and updating information in platforms like T-mall, Alibaba and HC360. With the growing of domestic sales, we have abundant resources for bigger development space. Josoo is moving forwards. We will witness and grow up together.