At the end of 2012, the company invested to purchase several injection molding machine, under the increasingly mature technical guidance, was formally established in the injection molding workshop. With the development of the industry innovation of science and technology, more and more independent research and development technology arises at the historic moment, my company to talk on computer in the design, intelligent operation, has a major breakthrough in the energy saving effect, etc. The core technology, independent research and development products to reduce production cost, is the first step in our rapid development

           At present our company design the new computer party B pot and mechanical type, computer type handle pot has been listed, taking high quality, high performance product line, and in a number of comprehensive technical support, prices higher than their grades of products on the market have a certain advantage. Therefore, the company has to close OEM/ODM partners to supply new products. Looking ahead to 2013, as more powerful development of professional managers and technical staff to join in, more analysis of the design, planning, implementation and control, the applause will be electrical leap development for a year