Is China's small home appliance the winter, 2013, 2014 small home appliance industry out of thecold winter, show signs of recovery. At the same time, in 2014 the development of small home appliance industry affected by many factors. How quickly KuoZhan market share, pull the small home appliance industry in China, is a realistic problem in front of small home appliance enterprise

           Small home appliance industry analyst pointed out: the small home appliance industry has gone into the era of product competition, quality consumers accounted for continued ascension, small home appliance industry will be approaching the development trend of intelligent and high-end. As consumer spending power has increased and the change of consumption idea, small home appliance consumption is gradually from the pursuit of low prices to the quality, brand and after-sales, experience, etc., quality oriented enterprise will receive a growing share of the market. Mass consumer consumption ability, is advantageous to the enterprise profitability through new product promotion.
           Small home appliance as durable consumer goods, will be affected by macroeconomic factors of real estate, sales there is a certain cycle. Nearly two years real estate macro fluctuations than expected, unclear property prices will bring the small home appliance market cyclical fluctuations. As technology constantly updated, the network gradually and in a variety of things in life together, intelligent household appliances is bound to become more common, more and more species. Intelligent household appliances may also be closely integrated with the network, after continuously update the machine through the network information, can be constantly learning new knowledge of the appliances. Intelligent household appliances for people's life bring unprecedented experience and new feeling at the same time, also found for small home appliance industry can continue to support the selling point of its development. At the same time, the high-end small home appliance market potential is also being stimulated. The selling point of high-end small home appliance is often not functional and practical, but human nature is combined with the demands of quality goods. High-end smart products emerge in endlessly, has become the mainstream of small home appliance in the future development direction