Now rice cooker has became our steamed rice necessary kitchen appliance in the home, but in the daily use, but few consumers know how to cherish and maintain. As household appliances, if pay attention to the details of some use and maintenance, daily can greatly prolong the service life of household appliances, and it is not easy to leave a safe hidden trouble. Today I will introduce rice cooker for you how do daily maintenance.


Rice cooker daily maintenance

1. After use, inner pot after washing, appearance of the water must be clean again into the rice cooker
2. Pot should avoid collision avoidance deformation, hot plate and the inner pot must be kept clean, avoid by all means a grain fall into affect the thermal efficiency and even damage the heating plate
3. Inner pot can be wash with water, but the shell and the heating plate remember flooding, can wipe with wet cloth after cut off power supply
4. Should not be cooked acid, alkali food, also do not put in corrosive gases or moist place
5. When using, should be cooking food into the pot first, cover and reconnect the power plug; Take out food before should now pulled the plug, to ensure the safety of use
6. In the process of cleaning the rice cooker, we must pay attention to the vent. Rice cooker for cooking porridge or put too much rice, rice water will overflow first cover, if not timely cleaning, time grew, can cause a peculiar smell, rice cooker, but also easy to jam, bring safe hidden trouble
7. To pay attention to the bottom of the pot after take off the tank cleaning, sometimes a grain fall into or rice water overflow to the bottom of the pot, can cause a yellow bottom of coked, affect the service life of the rice cooker. Should unplug the power when clean, use a damp soft cloth to wipe out the brown substance


             In addition to the daily maintenance, rice cooker is used more frequently, large power consumption of electric equipment, saving electricity is facing a big problem, every family want to save electricity, can take the following measures:

1. With hot water to cook, can not only keep the nutrition of rice, and can save electricity
2. The rice before cooking soak in water for a while, so to make a meal delicious and save electricity
3. Put rice in the pot, after the power supply will cover with towel or cloth covered in order to reduce heat. When boiled, turn the power off about seven or eight minutes on the power supply, until shut automatically. Rice in the pot stuffy in ten minutes. This can prevent rice water overflow, rice cooker, soiled can also save electricity