The choose and buy of rice cooker rice cooker should be considered general type choice, the choice of capacity of rice cooker and rice cooker bladder chooses three aspects

1.The choices of rice cooker type mainly refers to a computer type and normal type.
Relatively speaking, ordinary rice cooker control mode is given priority to with mechanical, general appearance shape in the majority with round pot, heating heating mode is mainly hot plate. The function is simple, easy to operate, affordable price. Computer type rice cooker is divided into ordinary smart pot with IH smart pot, general intelligent control method with microcomputer control, the heating by hot plate. IH smart pot using common smart pot control mode, but the use of Japanese and Korean popular in the heating mode IH electromagnetic heating technology, make the rice more uniform heating


2, The capacity of rice cooker selection need according to how many people the family has
Capacity of rice cooker directly deciding how much to food, common currently on the market for 3 l, 4 l, 5 l, three kinds of specifications, the general family use no greater capacity. Generally speaking, 3 l rice cooker has been big enough for two to three people family, 4 l can meet three or four people, 5 l can for more than five people, and there are 6 l, 9 l, such as selection of large capacity, so according to their own situation is also important to select different capacity of rice cooker.


3, How to identify the high quality the tank?

(1) the thickness, normally the thicker the better
(2) Listen to sounds, tapping the bladder, the sound is ringing long bile is better, if a inner tank material has impurities then the sound would be a dead sound.
(3) the coating, feel is smooth, exquisite workmanship of the coating is better.