What are the types of rice cooker?

According to appearance and shape, rice cooker main can be divided into exquisite shape, round shape and square shape.
According to control methods, the rice cooker on the market can be divided into mechanical control, digital type main control, pressure control.
With classification from the heating mode, rice cooker can be divided into the chassis, three-dimensional heat up and down, three-dimensional heat and IH electromagnetic heating several types, such as the natural with the latest IH cooker heating technology of electromagnetic heating is most advanced, but its price is also the most expensive


What are the materials of inner pots?
There are various of materials for inner pot, like cast iron, ceramics, clay, stone, copper, carbon, powder metallurgy, composite panels, aluminum plate etc.


What are the core component in a rice cooker?
In structure wise, the rice cooker consists of pot body, the electric heating element and temperature control device of three parts. Ordinary rice cooker is mainly composed of hot plate, the thermostat and thermostat. When to start the rice cooker, electric energy can directly into the rice cooker internal circuit of the organization, the electricity in the hot plate by the steric (physical) function is converted into heat energy, and further to the food container, this is the basic principle of heating cooker, is therefore, hot plate is a major part of the electric cooker is undisputed. Thermostat is in the middle of a rice cooker heating plate, the control switch is normally designed in, on the side of the fuselage inside it with spring and magnetic ring, and the two small element becomes the key to the rice cooker can make delicious rice automatically, rice cooker, at work the thermostat inside the circular utilization of suction will switch with power on and keep the stable operation, as the pot temperature rising, the circular appeal will gradually weaken, and gradually tend to disconnect the power, when the temperature of the pot reaches almost steamed rice phase (about 103 plus or minus 2 degrees Celsius), the circular on the appeal will be unable to overcome the spring tension and makes the electric heating, rice has been cooked naturally at this time.Thermostat is through the spring piece and get an electric shock the contact switch is used to heating condition, and its own can also induction pot temperature, when the pot when the temperature reaches a certain temperature, thermostat built-in spring product will make contact separation so as to cut off the heating power, whereas when the pot when the temperature is lower than the temperature will turn on the heating power to auxiliary heating to complement the temperature of rice, this is the electric cooker heat preservation function of the substance.


What is the main material is rice cooker?
          Rice cooker cover materials usually adopt modified polypropylene plastic, subjects of the fuselage, plastic, stainless steel pull the slightest, coated board, film face plywood and other materials, usually observation window is toughened glass, the tank commonly used iron, stainless steel, composite board, and spray non-stick coating, prevent after the rice cooked inside bravery. Operation panel use IMD, PVC, toughened glass。


What is IH heating technology ?
          High-end rice cooker is one of the essential technology, IH is short for electromagnetic heating, electromagnetic heating technology is through multistage coil, realized to the entire bladder surrounded by heating, heating is uniform, and direct heating of the metal tank, eliminating the heat conduction process of heating plate, heating speed is faster.


Mechanical, microcomputer type rice cooker, electric meal bao IH type rice cooker each what arethe characteristics?
          Mechanical work principle is to use the heart of the rice cooker of rice cooker - magnetic steel thermostat features implemented: magnetic steel thermostat at temperature over 160 degrees Celsius when two magnet will lose its magnetism, depending on the installed inside spring to separate two magnet, which cut off power supply heat preservation rice cooker into the state;

          Microcomputer type rice cooker is to use the bottom of the pot of thermistor sensor to the temperature of 160 degrees Celsius, to cut off the power supply is controlled by computer.
          IH technology on the working principle is through the electromagnetic coil of alternating current, direct heating of the metal tank, crossed the heat conduction process of heating plate, heating up quickly; And many high-end IH cooker introduce multistage coil, implements the surrounding the heating of the bladder, realize the absolute evenly heating.