Electric rice cooker, also known as rice cookers, use is given priority to with cooking, and also can be used to do soup or boiled, stewed supplements, food, etc. When rice cooker of choose and buy, should be determined according to the family, the average family of four to buy 500 a 750 w electric rice cooker. When the choose and buy should pay attention to the below:
Probe is 1. Check the magnet steel line, which is a key components, electric rice cooker in central heating plate, press gently with the hand, should be able to press and flexible back, if you have stuck phenomenon, unfavorable choose;
2. The electrothermal tray of curve should be well-balanced smooth, no obvious grain and burr, inner pot bottom plane should level off is smooth, cooperate closely with electrothermal tray and submissive;
3. The clearance between the internal and external pan evenly;
4. The contact to reliable power plug and socket, and plug, should not be loose out or can't pull it out.
5. Buttons are flexible, indicator light should be bright immediately after power on, and no flicker phenomenon;
6. The cover and inner pot cooperate closely;
7. Inner pot surface should be smooth, and the pot of paint layers should not have sag and dust particles, etc.
           Electric rice cooker when use, should pay attention to not to share the same power plug with other electrical rice cooker, electric rice cooker big power, current, and can make the thread diameter power overheating, prone to melting fault, fire, etc. Electric rice cooker power should be used alone, therefore, must carry on the power matching. Don't knock against other electric rice cooker, electric rice cooker bladder caused by deformation, uneven heating, cooking raw easily. Don't use electric rice cooker to cook the third acid, alkali acrid taste of food, otherwise easy to corrosion of the tank, reduce the service life. Don't use electric rice cooker cooking porridge at last.